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    About Us


    ENERLEV Group is an energy efficiency company in the field of lighting, electricity and solar energy, serves as a main platform for cooperation between companies with technological excellence wide range of products and resources in this field in our teretory and around the world. Products used for promotion and sustainable use of all forms of energy for the benefit of man, nature and the environment.

    ENERLEV Group has a management team with decades of experience in the fields of Microelectronics, Communications, Lighting and Solar energy, who emphasize that their role is to search for, establish and develop new synergies, to promote policies that encourage flow in the stages of consultation, planning, supply, installation and project support. All this to ensure that the information and experience available in the Enralv group is organized and accessible to everyone.

    ENERLEV maintains a clear and independent position and provides a variety of reliable and accessible products and services while being exposed to advanced technologies.

    The group has two main divisions: “ENERLEV Lighting Engineering” and “ENERLEV Solar Energy” each specializing in their field and sharing information and technologies between them.

    ENERLEV Lighting Engineering was established to provide a functional solution for energy efficiency in the field of lighting. Specializing in the planning, production, import, marketing and sale of outdoor lighting solutions, for complex projects that require coordination with the architect planner and the budget such as: roads, public areas, sports halls and warehouses, tunnels, stadiums and more…

    ENERLEV Solar Energy was established to provide a functional solution for energy efficiency in the field of solar energy (photovoltaics). Specializes in planning, manufacturing, importing and selling solar solutions and energy storage.

    The managers of the ENERLEV group, who come from the fields of lighting, microelectronics and photovoltaic energy, believe that knowledge and experience have considerable weight in professionalism and providing energy efficiency solutions to their customers, and therefore joined together and created strategic collaborations with a number of leading companies in the field of lighting and energy efficiency in Israel, Europe, the USA and the Middle East the distant

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      Project experience


      Sustainable solutions

      ENERLEV – Prioritizes environmentally friendly practices and offers sustainable lighting options.

      ENERLEV – has in-depth knowledge and experience in design, installation and maintenance of outdoor lighting and solar energy systems.

      ENERLEV – reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions by using modern lighting technologies and integrating solar systems

      Solar expertise

      ENERLEV – has in-depth knowledge and experience in planning, installation and maintenance of solar energy systems.

      ENERLEV – understands the complexities of solar systems, which allows it to provide efficient solar solutions tailored to specific needs.

      Energy efficiency

      ENERLEV – focuses on maximizing energy efficiency and uses lighting mechanisms that optimize lighting levels while minimizing energy consumption.

      Cost savings

      ENERLEV – helps its customers reduce their energy costs over time by leveraging solar energy and economical lighting.

      Customization and innovation

      ENERLEV – offers customized solutions for specific requirements.

      ENERLEV – stays up-to-date on the latest technological advances and continuously strives to incorporate innovative solutions into its offering.

      Sustainability support

      ENERLEV – promotes sustainability and environmental responsibility and plays a vital role in raising awareness about the benefits of renewable energy in general and energy efficiency in particular.

      Professional Services

      ENERLEV – has a team of skilled professionals, which includes engineers, designers, and technicians with expertise in lighting and solar energy systems, who guarantee fast customer support without compromises and optimal performance of the implemented solutions.